People and the Sea is a marine based conservation initiative located on the small island of Malapascua in the Philippines. Our mission is to promote capacity building and community-based marine resource management and conservation as a way to alleviate poverty and increase the resilience of our coastal communities.

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Community Engagement

Enabling coastal communities to benefit from sustainable management of natural resources

Marine Conservation

We believe in locally-led, locally managed conservation that promotes the sustainable use of coastal resources

Eco Tourism

We support the development of environmental and social tourism as a trigger for positive change and a driver for the sustainable management of the marine environment


The purpose of People and the Sea is to promote capacity building and community-based marine resources management as a way to alleviate poverty, increase the resilience of coastal communities and raise awareness about marine conservation.

People and the Sea is dedicated to work alongside the local community of Malapascua towards a healthy and sustainable future, and in identifying innovative ways to protect their marine environment whilst having a positive economic impact.


People and the Sea believes in an integrated, collaborative approach to achieve meaningful community development and sustainable marine resources management.

Globally, coastal communities find themselves  at a a critical juncture: they are caught between pressing social issues (often driven by poverty and lack of education) and ever-worsening environmental threats (climate change, pollution, depletion of marine resources). Our approach is one that seeks to reinforce the bond within communities and amongst stakeholders, and to support them in strengthening the respect and relationship that they have with their marine environment. In doing this, we believe it is possible to nurture a future where the management of marine resources can meet the needs of all who rely upon them, whilst still preserving their health and integrity.


People and the Sea has developed a set of ’tools’ and a unique integrated approach to better environmental conservation and poverty reduction.

We have developed 5 core programmes on Malapascua that touch different elements of the community, but always carrying a clear and consistent message. These programmes are all funded through sustainable, independent sources. And while these programmes address real, current and very palpable problems in their own right, their real success lies in the ability to bring people together and to build partnerships. In every aspect of the work we have undertaken, we see time and again the strength of people working together, with a shared destination.

  1. Marine Sciences
  2. Environmental Education
  3. Sustainable Fisheries
  4. Eco Entrepreneurship
  5. Solid Waste Management

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A day with the amazing People and the Sea
People and the Sea

A Day with People and the Sea

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