Langob Pambot

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By Ruben Rekker

This print supports People and the Sea, a local organisation based in the area where this photograph was taken.

A “pambot”, or “pump boat”, parked at Langob beach on the north side of Malapascua in the Philippines. These boats are used for nearly everything in the Philippines, from transportation to fishing. The waters around the islands are increasingly polluted, with the Philippines ranking third in the world according to Statista.

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About the project

People and the Sea

People and the Sea is a marine based conservation initiative located on the small island of Malapascua in the Philippines. Our mission is to promote capacity building and community-based marine resource management and conservation as a way to alleviate poverty and increase the resilience of our coastal communities.

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About the Photographer

Ruben Rekker

Ruben Rekker was born in The Netherlands but moved to Australia at age 26. He is passionate about photography, the world, the excavation of untold stories and the creation of positive change.

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