Hanchank Nyi Chin

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By Ruben Rekker

This print supports Hnalone Hla Inn Maung Mae, a local organisation based in the area where this photograph was taken.

Hanchank Nyi Chin, or “ဟန်ချက်ညီခြင်း”, is Burmese for “balance” or “equilibrium”. Local fishermen in Inle Lake, Mynamar, are known for practicing a distinctive style of fishing. They balance at the stern on one leg while wrapping the other leg around the oar. This helps them see through the dense reeds and floating plants. They mostly fish for a local carp, called nga hpein, which has been a staple of the local diet and has also been historically most abundant. Today this carp is seriously threatened.

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About the project

Hnalone Hla Inn Maung Mae

Hnalone Hla Inn Maung Mae is a small local environmental group which aims to conserve and restore the lake and its surroundings. It educates the community about conservation by working alongside monks and schools, planting trees, organising plastic removal campaigns and more.

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About the Photographer

Ruben Rekker

Ruben Rekker was born in The Netherlands but moved to Australia at age 26. He is passionate about photography, the world, the excavation of untold stories and the creation of positive change.

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